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this is going to be 100% serisous.

and honest.
and emotional.

ok, the last year of my life has led me in a direction i wish i wasnt going in. so many things have happened to me, and so many things have changed my point of view, of life. this time last year i was being involved in my parents splitting up, and buckling up for the biggest adventure of my life. tour. 2 and a half months, in a van, with 5 people, whom i all love, whether they know it or not. i do guys. not eating, showering, or sleeping.. it was amazing. two weeks before we come home, i find out that my mother found my father alone, and dead in our house. that changed everything. not knowing what the fuck happened for about three monthes of my life, and not seeing anything but the bottom of alot of empty bottles. not to mention, the love of my life dumped me the day after he died. so shit goes down right after i throw a party for johns birthday, and i get kicked out by my mother. i move into the chamber with ryan and johnrock. never asked to do a thing, and i didnt. i totally took advantage of it, in that time i made, and lost alot of friends, and i regret alot of it. it showed me i was a real piece of shit, and alot of people saw it too. whatever. do another tour or two and im here now, at the frazier residence, working a job, a real job, for the first time in a year and a half, and growing into a man. being disowned by my mother, who is a cunt. and losing a FUCKLOAD of people, here i am. this year has showed gene alot of fucking things. but it basiclly showed me who matters, and who i matter too. and im happy about that.

please read this guys.

dennis: you were the first one to hear the shitty news and you held me when i needed you too. ill never forget that and i lvoe you for it, thank you.
matt, nick, sean, and george: you took care of me and got me home, when it was out of the way.
chamber: you put me up dude. and alot of bad shit came out of that. im sorry for not being the couch guy you wanted me to be. i cant thank you enough, and i can never repay you, or do the things you did for me. thank you.
steegz-nation: you are the most fun person to be around and youve helped me through so much, and you have no idea.
james hartsell: you talk with me, and drink we me and we have fun. youve always got the advice, and knowladge that i need from a friend always.

john rock: in less then a month youll be living in melbourne. and in the three years weve been best friends, youve never been that far away. im not trying to be gay, but im definatly going to miss you. and knowing you as well as i do, i know this will be good for you, and its in your best intrest, and i want that for you. you deserve it, its your time dude, and seriously, just go, and do it, live YOUR life for YOURSELF. i love you dude, and im so fucking happy for you, and DONT LET ANYONE HOLD YOU BACK FROM WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.

god, that was stupidy emotional as fuck.
in the end.
fuck 2004.

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    Things have changed so much since this. This really didn't last long. Neither did the youth.

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    oh yeah, i remember this.

  • Mother fuckers

    Does anybody use htis god damned community anymore becuase It hasn't been fucking updated in forever. GOD DAMN. Jon

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