Morgan is Morgan like Mor-gan (dstypretystarnt) wrote in icunthearyou,
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Being sober should never last

So last time i've update on this thing i was high and now i'm on my way to getting drunk...

I want to party... Someone needs to holla and let my ass know whats up... I just like to get fucked up and chill is that so wrong?

314-1327 - leave message

Take it easy,


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    Things have changed so much since this. This really didn't last long. Neither did the youth.

  • (no subject)

    oh yeah, i remember this.

  • this is going to be 100% serisous.

    and honest. and emotional. ok, the last year of my life has led me in a direction i wish i wasnt going in. so many things have happened to me, and…

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