*chamber* (dezchamber1) wrote in icunthearyou,

...as usual this will be done in pictures...it was Tim's 21st birthday...

all was fun...lots of jager, jello shots, beer, and cops (also known as group C)

...group C showed up 3 times...the last time they escorted everyone out of randys house...

...and up to my house...but anyways heres the visual proof of the fun...

...my only regret is that i did not get a picture with the cops...

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    Things have changed so much since this. This really didn't last long. Neither did the youth.

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    oh yeah, i remember this.

  • this is going to be 100% serisous.

    and honest. and emotional. ok, the last year of my life has led me in a direction i wish i wasnt going in. so many things have happened to me, and…

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